Born in Halifax, Canada, Dean has lived most of his life in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where his interest in photography began in his teens. It began with an old Nikon 20/20 35mm, photographing people, nature, still life, and finally emerging into what has become his primary passion.               
     Driven by the natural beauty of life itself, the desire to spark nostalgia with a single photo has set his goals towards nature, macro and people. Dean believes that photography is a perfect way to get in touch with the world from many different views where the surrounding atmosphere always tells a story. There is no better way to freeze that moment at the perfect time from the perfect angle, other than with a camera. That is what fascinates him.   
     “Desire recognizes no such word as impossible and determination accepts no such reality as failure.”

Dean Julian Carvery,

Primary Nikon D700
Secondary Nikon D700
Nikon 14-24mm Wide Angle f2.8 FX
Nikon 24-70mm Zoom f2.8 FX
Nikon 70-200mm Telephoto VR f2.8 FX